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Welcome to the guest house Schneider. Our house is very quietly located at the outskirts of our village. It´s close to the forest and embedded in a blossoming flower meadow.

It´s a paradise for children. They can cuddle with our rabbits the whole day long. Especially our dwarf goats “Ursel“ and “Glückspilz“ and our cats “Tiger“ and “Mausi“ are very happy to be fed and stroked.

They are able to rollick about and to run around and there is no car to be found far and wide. On our playground you can kick around, play badminton, jump on the trampoline or play table tennis. You can enjoy your holidays making sand castles, sliding or simply relaxing in a swing. Of course you are able to use different vehicles like a Bobbycar, a tricycle, a tractor, a scooter, some bicycles and a unicycle.

A trip on the tractor over meadows to the “Muttergottes im Wald“ (a Mother of God statue in the forest) is an adventure as well as a climbing tour to the legendary “Moosburg“.  Great fun is it to make a campfire and to grill twist bread or to go rafting in the pond and to splash around.  You can lie under the apple trees in the garden or relax on the cosy terrace and simply enjoy your holidays. You can look forward to flats which are lovingly and tastefully furnished.  The beautiful landscape of the region of Unterallgäu offers you the perfect family holiday. You can relax, have fun and experience many new things.